The Party is the 2006 Hogmanay Special of Still Game. It is the show's first Hogmanay Special and aired between the fifth and sixth series.

Series Name
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Air date 31 December 2006
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Hot Seat


The episode opens in Jack and Victor's house. The pair is going along with Winston and Isa to a Hogmanay Party at Tam's house. When they get into the lift, an overweight man called Charlie gets in because of his weight. Breaks the lift, leaving Winston, Jack and Victor stuck in the lift with Isa

Later on Victor is trying to open the lift doors, he succeeds and opens the doors and finds himself confronted by a gang of Neds. They manage to scam the four of them into giving them a tenner each, after they do they tell them that if they see and engineer they will tell him in the morning.

After the doors shut they reminisce about when Victor first moved into Osprey heights, and held a new year’s party. He asks his wife, Betty if people would be put off if the lift wasnae working. Eventually Jack and his wife Jean arrive, only for Victor to find out that Jack is wearing the same shirt and tie as Victor. Victor furiously tells him that he will have to go and change, after Jack tells him where to go he gets over it quite quickly.

He then offers Jack a drop of whiskey hidden in a bird, and then shows off his avocado schemed bathroom to Jack. The door gets knocked and when they answer it, they are confronted by Winston and a bunch of his mates. Winston then asks Jack to help him get a beer barrel that he stole from the back of the Clansman, Tam then comes out of the working lift with an attractive blonde.

Isa comes out the door and manages to wangle her and Harry's way into Victors' party, even though Jack and Winston told him "it’s not happening". It then goes back to the lift where Winston announces to the rest of them that he really needs a pee, they tell him he needs to nip it so they don’t float about in it. He just lets lose all over the floor, they then start reminiscing about when Navid and Meena came to their party. Jack and Victor think that Navid doesn't understand them, but Meena tells Navid to mention that Tam sent them. Navid says Tam and Victor calls Tam, who explains that Navid has bought over the shop. After this, Jack and Victor invites them in. Meanwhile in the party Tam is teaching Navid how to insult people, also Jack can't get enough of the paroka that Navid and Meena got him.(Jack calls it Paroka) He has so much of it that when he dances with Betty, he ends up puking all over her leading to him and Victor fighting. Winston breaks the fight up and tells them to make up with each other. 

Also Isa tries to talk to Harry about their sex life, but because he’s trying to womanise again he brushes her off and leaves. Once Jack and Victor stop fighting, Isa comes out from the kitchen naked and seduces Tam. We go back into the lift and Isa gets really embarrassed and drinks out her hip flask, they then release it's new year and wish each other a happy new year. They then realise the only times that the lifts been broken were this year (2006) and back at the moving in/new year’s party (1975).

After the credits roll it goes back to 1975, they are all leaving the party. They all go down the stairs apart from Winston. When he sees them going down the stairs he tells them the lifts back on, they tell him it’s not and go down the stairs. The lift doors then open and Winston goes through it and falls down the empty lift shaft.