Peggy is a local resident of Craiglang. She is played by Scottish actress Lynne McCallum.

Peggy is a big woman with a violent temper, often abusing her husband Charlie. She frequently suspects Charlie of cheating on her and usually refers to him as a "whore meister". Charlie, of course, is a shy quiet man who has to put up with Peggy. Despite her violent nature, Peggy gets on well with Isa. In the first episode, Jack Jarvis was a neighbour of Peggy and Charlie, but moved house because he hated having to listen to their constant fighting and was even threatened by Peggy. In the episode Faimly, Peggy annoyed Winston by always buying the last gigot chops from the butchers. At last, Winston cracked and challenged Peggy to a fight, but winded up breaking his arm when Peggy slipped and landed on top of him. Peggy and her husband are regulars in the Clansman. Peggy usually makes suggestions to Boaby on ways how he could improve his pub by having theme nights such as helping to organise a quiz night and a 'scampi and tarot night'. However, Peggy, along with the other locals, failed to participate in the Clansman fancy dress night, much to Boaby's annoyance. Peggy is revealed to have an 18 year old son named Simon who was convicted of drink driving at the age of 12.

In later series, especially 3 and 4, Peggy is shown to be getting on quite well with locals and even with her husband Charlie. This is especially shown in Cairds when she was one of many who participated in getting Joe his buggy back and in Ring when she became interest (very calmly and happily) in Tam's proposal to Frances.

Peggy returned in Series 7 in the episode Heavy Petting where she and Isa began a rivalry over who would win the baking contest. In the end Isa put Winston's spider in Peggy's cake without her knowledge and it was burned during the baking.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the script of Flittin, Peggy was modelled on the Scottish criminal Big Mags Haney.