Oot (Scots word for out) is the fifth episode of the third series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date 4 June 2004
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Big Yin


The episode opens in Robertsons electrical store. Winston is looking at buying a new television as the screen on his current TV is too small. The shop assistant teases Winston because the televisions are too expensive for him.

Later on, Jack and Victor come into the Clansman wearing black suits. Boaby calls them 'Burke and Hare' after the notorious Edinburgh grave robbers/murderers. It turns out they were at Billy Ferguson's funeral, who died of a heart attack and then his dog ate his corpse. Winston comes in and tells his friends that he wants to build his own TV. The others laugh at him and Boaby winds him up by making a crank call to the pub phone as John Logie Baird back from the dead.

The next morning, Winston is working on something when Chris the postie comes to the door with a parcel. Winston tells Chris that it is a telly in the envelope, but Chris doesn't believe him. Chris tells Winston that Archie Taylor is coming out his home. Archie is a hermit who hasn't set foot outside his home since he moved there in the mid-1960's.

Eric tells Jack and Victor that he didn't get the late Billy Ferguson's house in Osprey Heights and Archie has got it instead. Archie has to move house because the council are demolishing his old house. Everyone in Craiglang comes outside Archie's house to welcome him out. Archie sees Jack and Victor for the first time in almost forty years. As he has to wait a couple of hours for his furniture, Archie asks if the Bay Horse still exists. Boaby tells him it's now called the Clansman, which Victor jokes is still a "shitehole". Some neds have kindly clubbed together to buy Archie a Big Mac and fries from McDonalds.

In the Clansman, Archie's mind has been blown by the Big Mac. He doesn't realise that McDonalds is a fast food shop and not a butchers. Furthermore, Jack and Victor are disturbed that Archie doesn't know who the prime minister is. Archie admits that he used to have a TV, but he put his boot through that during the 1966 World Cup when England won. Boaby demonstrates to Archie how a microwave works, but it turns out that Boaby's microwave is not working at all.

A montage is shown of Jack and Victor taking Archie to Glasgow City Centre and showing him the sights. Archie, however, is unfazed as the world has changed many times since 1966 and Archie has been unaware of these events.

Winston shows Tam what he is trying to do to his TV to get a bigger picture. He has put a magnifying glass in front of the screen to project a bigger image onto the white sheet on the wall. Tam gets a laugh as the image on the wall is very small due to Winston having the magnifying glass round the wrong way.

Jack and Victor are feeling concerned for Archie as they fear he may become a hermit again. They compare him to Tarzan, who lived in the jungle then moved into civilisation only to move back into the jungle again. They decide to get Isa to speak to Archie. A montage is shown of Isa describing the major events from 1966 to the present day.

Winston is telling Navid about having set up a DIY cinema from his TV. Although Navid is invited, he doubts how Winston's plan would work.

Meanwhile, Archie is enjoying a pint with Jack and Victor. He says he enjoys being out after having to listen to Isa all day. Boaby asks Archie how he became a hermit. Jack and Victor rebuke Boaby but Archie understands that Boaby is only curious. Archie tells the story of how he was evacuated to a farm in the countryside during the war and how he enjoyed its peacefulness. Upon returning to Craiglang as an adult, the place was like New York and the change was too much for him. After catching pneumonia, the Social Services cared for him and he never went out his house again.

At Winston's house, Tam, Eric, Navid, Jack, Victor and Archie have been invited for the screening of the 8 o'clock movie Towering Inferno. Winston invites Archie into his kitchen and he gives him a dram of whiskey from 1966. Sure enough, the movie is projected onto white screen. Disaster strikes when Winston's telly starts a fire and his curtains have caught fire. They are able to put out the fire.

Jack, Victor and Archie laugh about the incident in the lift. However, they are soon horrified to discover that someone has broken into Archie's house. Jack and Victor are about to call the police, but Archie says that is unnecessary as they didn't get the money hidden in the sofa. It turns out that there is about forty years worth of social services money. Jack and Victor tell Archie to get the money in the bank.

A few days later, Jack and Victor are helping Winston with the painting after the fire. They discuss Archie and Winston says that Archie is doing himself a favour as Craiglang is in poor state and it is not worth him going out especially after his house was burgled.

Despite this, Jack and Victor try to talk Archie into coming out. Archie shows Jack and Victor that instead of banking the money, he has spent it on his house. He has got himself a widescreen TV, leather couches and a gerbil for company. This is the last time that Jack and Victor will see Archie. Jack realises he has left his bunnet in Archie's house, but Victor says he will get him a new one.

Winston is continuing with the painting when Chris the postie comes to the door with another parcel. Winston tells Chris to bring it through to the table. It turns out that it is a widescreen TV that Archie has bought for Winston as thanks for the dram. Winston has the last laugh on Chris, who is atonished that it is really "a telly in an envelope".

After the credits roll, Jack and Victor try talking to Archie through the letterbox and say that there is nothing in the rules about hermits not having visitors. They give up and, as they leave, Archie pushes Jack's bunnet through the letterbox.