Methadone Mick is a character in Series Seve, Eight and nine of Still Game, he was introduced into the series as a replacement for Pete The Jakey after the character's death.

He is a young homeless man who was a friend of Pete the Jakey. In the epidode "Job", Jack and Victor help him get a job. In the same episode, they take him to a home dentist, who gives him a set of false teeth to replace his rotten ones.

In later episodes, Mick is once again jobless but still has his false teeth

Series 7 Edit

  • "The Undrinkables"
  • "Job"
  • "Small Change"
  • "Heavy Petting"
  • "Down and Out"

Series 8Edit

  • "Fly Fishing"
  • "Grim Up North"
  • "Balls Up"

Trivia Edit

His actor Scott Reid stated that he was only 12 years old when Still Game first ended. Edit