Hyper is the fifth episode of the sixth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 6, Episode 5
Air date 9 August 2007
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Seconds Out


The episode opens in Navid's shop, where Tam negotiates to buy six boxes of out-of-date cornflakes for £2. It turns out that due to the new supermarket Hyperdales, Navid's customers have abandoned them and consequently his business is suffering. Despite loyal customers like Jack and Victor, this doesn't help Navid's spirits due to pensioners like Jack and Victor being old and could die shortly leaving Navid with nothing. Even Craiglang Post Office has closed, due to Hyperdales having their post office.

Later that morning, Frances phones Tam about buying a new toaster, but Tam refuses as he is a cheapskate. Tam attempts to fix the toaster, but he gives himself an electric shock.

In the Clansman, everyone is raving about Hyperdales. Tam comes in and says he bought a new toaster in Hyperdales for £45. Everyone is surprised and Tam even offers to buy a round.

Jack and Victor take a tour round Hyperdales to see what all the fuss is about. They soon like the place, due to such good value and do their shopping there. Tam meets Winston in the charity shop and offers to buy him a steak meal for lunch.  

That afternoon, Jack and Victor are feeling guilty for betraying Navid. They try to think of things that they could still buy at Navid's, but since Hyperdales does them all, they soon scrap that idea. Navid goes to Hyperdales to see what all the fuss is about, and he catches Isa doing her shopping. He delivers one the show's most famous lines:

"Et Tu, Isa?"

Winston decides to have a word with Tam about his mad spending. He says while its a good thing, it should be just between them, as Winston doesn't want people to get the wrong type of boaby. Jack and Victor are getting ready to have a slice of apple pie, when Isa comes to the door in tears. She is upset because Navid has sacked her.

Later, in the Clansman, Jack and Victor criticise Winston for taking advantage of Tam's change of behaviour as they feel Tam might be going senile. However, they spot Navid and make an example of him for sacking Isa. Navid then gives the customers a dressing down for abandoning him, as he has been loyal to the residents of Craiglang since 1975.

Jack and Victor start to go off Hyperdales, due to the expense and the distance they have to travel. They meet Winston and Tam and also Navid, who is hiding in a tent with a can of petrol. The four men try to talk Navid out of burning the place down, as he would be done for arson. Unfortunately, they are shut in as the store has closed for the night. They decide to make themselves comfortable by helping themselves to food and drink and playing with the gadgets. Tam drops his can of lager down an electric chair and electrocutes himself again. Upon waking up, he reverts back to his old self and goes on a rampage through the store. They have to lock him up in a trolley to stop him from wrecking the store. Navid is glad that he didn't carry out his arson attack. Winston is cooking their steaks on the barbecue and asks for some petrol... An inferno rages and the episode ends with the fire brigade putting out the blaze, while the five men escape.

After the credits roll, Navid's shop has opened again with the post office relocated to his shop. Tam has bought the burnt out petrol-run lawnmower from Hyperdales' fire sale.