Fergie (possibly short for Ferguson), is a teenage boy who lives in Craiglang. He is played by Jamie Quinn.


Fergie first appears in Series 1, the first episode, as a young boy about 12. He and his friends would hang outside Navid's shop and would hassle Joe Ingram to give them a box of sweets for free. He also appeared as having a job as a mail boy in the episode Cauld where he was referred to as Derek.

In Series 2, Fergie was arrested for throwing eggs at the councilor at the grand opening of the new community centre.

In Series 3, the episode Big Yin, Fergie was spray painting on a wall when Jack and Victor approached him. Upon this he called his friends over and proceeded to spray paint tits on Jack and Victor. He would later become one of the few NED victims that Innes beat up when he was thrown into the garbage.

By Series 4, Fergie had grown into a teenager. He and his friend attempted to con Victor out of money by pretending to be collecting for the non-existant Craiglang Football Club. Jack and Victor see through Fergie and sent him on his way. Later, Jack and Victor decided to talk to Fergie about his petty thieving and persuaded him to go out with the girl in the cafe. This worked out, but Fergie went back to his scam when his girlfriend became pregnant.

In Series 5, Fergie was engaged to marry Sinead from the cafe. Since Jack and Victor were driving around in the recently deceased Hughie Casey's car, Fergie hires the pair to chaffeur the wedding party. Unfortunately on Fergie's stag night, Jack and Victor got drunk and tied a naked Fergie to a fence. This meant that Fergie probably missed his own wedding.

Fergie did not appear in series 6 for reasons that remain unclear.

In series 7, it was revealed that he had indeed married Sinead and they had been married for 2 years.

Trivia Edit

  • He mentioned that Sinead was pregnant at the end of "Kill Wullie". But so far no baby has been seen.