Victor's family are planning a long-overdue visit. The spare room's ready; the question is: will they show up? Meanwhile, Winston's only got one thing on his mind - gigot chops.


Series Name
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 13th September 2002
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide

The episode opens with Winston going to the butcher's. To his annoyance, Peggy McAlpine has bought the last of the gigot chops, although she was being greedy as she bought eight of them. The butcher, who is friendly with Peggy, advises Winston to come in early.

Meanwhile, Isa has been cleaning Victor’s house in preparation for a visit from his son, John, and his family. Jack is sceptical, as John has let Victor down several times in the past. Jack, on the other hand, has got his new house in order, but is annoyed with his new doormat which says "Weclome" instead of Welcome. While Jack was at Victor's house, Victor gets an answering machine message from his son, John. However, the time of arrival has been obscured by the sound of a train's horn.

Winston has got up early, and arrives at the butcher's as it is opening. Unfortunately, Peggy is also there at opening time too. Peggy buys all the gigot chops, again. Winston challenges Peggy to a fight, but Peggy ends up falling on Winston, breaking his arm, due to her weight.

Jack and Victor take the answering machine to Shug, who was a communications officer during the war. Shug, with his exceptionally good hearing, is able to make out everything in the background, except for the time obscured by the train's horn. Shug says he will have a look at the machine and that he will try his best. Eventually, Shug works out that the time of arrival is 2.30 in the afternoon.

Jack and Victor decide to stay to go to Glasgow Central Station, and wait until 2.30. Meanwhile, poor Winston is stuck in the hospital, without any visitors. Jack and Victor end up sleeping during 2.30 and wake up at 4 pm. They go back home, where they find Winston and Isa. Winston is annoyed at Jack and Victor for failing to visit him, but they explain about the circumstances, so Winston forgives them. Jack complains to Winston about his doormat, so Winston gives him a new one saying "Home Sweat Home"

After the credits roll, Jack and Victor tease Shug about buying a cheap loaf of bread. Shug has heard them, and pulls out a loaf of 'SunBlest' and insults them.