Eric Jones was one of the pensioners of Craiglang, and a retired sailor (serving on board HMS Corunna) as well as a retired firefighter.

He was played by Scottish actor James Martin.

History Edit

Eric is frustrated with his body - he sees himself as a young man in an old man's body. Eric is a good friend of Jack and Victor's, but he tends to spend more time with Tam and Winston. Like the other pensioners of Craiglang, Eric spends most of his time in the pub and bookies. Eric managed to save Winston from a potential relationship with Isa in the episode "Hoaliday". The plan was that Winston would have his dinner with Isa, and then Eric would phone Winston to say he was locked out of his house. Winston would then leave Isa's, and meet Eric at the pub. Isa eventually tippled and was finished with Winston. In the episode "Hot Seat", it was revealed that Eric used to work as a fireman. Occasionally, when Boaby is unable to be in the Clansman, Eric is chosen to cover for him, much to the joy of the regulars.

Eric died in series 8 episode 2 after dying of a weak heart while playing on the Clansman's fruit machine.

Trivia Edit

  • Eric is the 2nd major character in the show to be killed off, the first was Pete The Jakey.
  • James Martin was one of the few actors on the show to actually be a senior citizen.