Brief (Glasgow slang for Car) is the fourth episode of the second series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date 18 April 2003
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
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The episode opens with Jack and Victor visiting their wives graves. Whereas Jack prefers to stand looking mournful, Victor prefers to have a talk to Betty, as if she was still alive. Jack is freaked out by Victor's behaviour, but Victor defends himself.

It turns out that Victor is interested in buying a car off of a woman that belonged to her recently deceased husband, Danny. This is because both Jack and Victor are fed up standing in the bus queue, coping with neds and noisy people.

In the Clansman, Boaby, Winston and Eric are getting fed up of Tam's tightfistedness. Boaby asks Tam when was the last time he bought a pint. Tam says that he has bought a pint before. He ends up stealing Winston's pint and tells Eric to buy Winston another drink.

When it comes to buying the car, Victor has competition from Tam Mullen and 'Manky' Frankie Reily. Victor wants to make sure that Frankie doesn't win, because he would only dismantle the car and leave the parts on the landing. In the end, Victor wins the bid for £400. However, Victor only has £300. Jack initially refuses to lend Victor £100, but is persuaded by Victor as the other alternative would be the bus stop. Jack agrees.

Victor starts to enjoy his new car. He annoys Frankie, who is still gutted at losing the bid. Jack and Victor have a lovely day out in the car.

However, it is not long before Victor starts to get fed up with the car. Jack, in particular, is taking advantage of Victor driving him around. Jack even calls Victor "driver".

That evening, Victor is in his house, when Frankie comes to the door. Frankie rants at Victor for soaking him and says that sorted him out. Just then, Victor's phone rings. It's Jack, who's in the Clansman, drunk. Jack apologises for "being a prick today" and asks Victor to pick him up. Victor refuses, but Jack pleads that he is a drunken old man, who could be mugged or murdered. Victor reluctantly agrees. Victor soon finds out that Frankie let his tires down in revenge.

At the Clansman, Jack tells everyone to get in. Soon, Victor's car is full with Jack, Tam, Isa, Winston and Eric. Victor tells them to keep quiet, and is annoyed when Jack opens his fish supper in the car, making a right mess. Then, Eric vomits over the windscreen, much to Victor's disgust. There is so much noise going on that Victor hits Frankie's moped with the car.

Next morning, Isa is mopping in Navid's shop with a hangover. Navid winds her up and Isa is nearly sick. It turns out that Winston and Tam also have hangovers. Jack is also feeling hungover. Victor is cleaning his car, when Jack comes out. Jack says he's sorry, but Victor says he has had enough of the car. Not just because of the previous night, but also because of the expense of running the car such as road tax, insurance and petrol. Tam wants to buy the car, but Victor will not accept anything less than £300. Winston makes sure that Tam pays the right money. After the transaction, a vengeful Frankie destroys the car by dropping a fridge on it from his high flat window. Tam is left gutted.

After the credits roll, everyone in the pub is laughing at Tam's expense. Tam asks for sympathy, but Boaby tells him it served him right. Victor suggests to Tam that he buys a pint. Tam does so, without appearing to protest. It turns out that Tam has the last laugh as he gave Boaby two euros, instead of two pounds.