All the Best is the fifth episode of the fifth series of Still Game.

Series Name
Season 5, Episode 5
Air date 19 July 2006
Written by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
Directed by Michael Hines
Episode Guide
Hard Nuts


The episode opens with Winston watching a TV programme about an elderly couple who have moved from Scotland to Italy. Winston is in a bad mood, and makes fun of them while he is cooking a microwavable lasagne.

At Victor's house, Jack and Victor are looking out the window with binoculars. Just then, a man falls down screaming outside their window. The phone rings and Isa tells them that the man who threw himself out of the window was Hughie Casey.

In the Clansman, there is a collection for Hughie's widow but Tam refuses to contribute on the principle that suicide doesn't merit a kitty. Winston comes in for a pie and beans saying that he feels Hughie has done himself a favour as Craiglang is so depressing. Winston leaves before eating the pie. Tam bargains with Boaby about buying the pie. Boaby pays Tam's change into the kitty.

Soon, Jack, Victor and Isa pay Hughie's widow a visit. It turns out that Hughie's widow is the double of British comedian Ken Dodd. She is upset because Hughie's phone that he used for his work as a chauffuer keeps ringing. Jack and Victor decide to take care of it. They explain to Hughie's boss about his death and agree to return Hughie's car on Saturday afternoon.

Winston is at the housing office looking at moving to another town. Since he is an invalid on account of his false leg, there is a new scheme in the seaside resort of Finport. Winston has fond memories of Finport and agrees to move there.

Later, Jack and Victor are driving about in Hughie's car when they meet Fergie, a teenage boy who is going to be married to Sinead. They offer to be the driver for the wedding which Fergie agrees to.

Navid talks to Winston about his move to Finport. Jack and Victor come in and make fun of Winston causing him to leave in the huff. They go round to Winston's house to apologise and explain that although the coast looks fine on paper, it is not always the answer. Despite this, they understand that it is Winston's choice.

In the Clansman, Boaby winds up Jack and Victor about being sad about Winston moving. He also taunts them for living such a boring lifestyle but they tell Boaby that they are going to Reflections nightclub for Fergie's stag party.

At Reflections, Jack and Victor are surprised to see how young people act these days such as a boy putting his hand up a girl's skirt. Fergie persuades Jack and Victor to have a cocktail. Next morning, Jack wakes up in Victor's house but is surprised that they are not hungover. Instead, they are able to eat a cooked breakfast.

Jack and Victor drive the wedding party to the wedding. After this, they leave the car with Hughie's boss. They soon realise that it is Winston's farewell party at the Clansman and they hurry over. Fortunately, they make it on time and give Winston his going away present. Just then, Sinead's family come in and are furious that Fergie did not arrive at the wedding. Jack and Victor realise that the night before, they tied Fergie to a fench while naked. A huge row erupts and Winston decides it is time to leave.

After the credits roll, Winston is on the bus to Finport. He dreams he is talking to a gorgeous pensioner, but in reality, the woman is the bus conductor who tells Winston to get his feet off the seat.